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Liar in Chief is a Socialist Sociopath- WE MUST SAVE USA
obama Arrogance
A sociopath only feels guilt when they tell the truth. In other words, you can tell a sociopath is lying if  their lips are moving.  See America's #1 sociopath speak here:

This is the same man who yesterday told American citizens to get out of his way and shut the F up.  Any chance of me every having an iota of respect for this man is gone forever. Obama is a disgusting imperialist bully determined to  turn truth into lies and his lies into truth.

I have seen every other President or former President since Nixon up close and in person. I always felt respect for the man who held the Office even if I disagreed with their politics. I have never been in the presence of Obama and I don't plan on ever being there. He has disrespected the Office of the President and the United States of America. Words can't describe the anger and disgust I feel for Obama due to his corporatist, statist, socialist, fascist agenda.

I implore each and every one of you who loves this country to do everything LEGALLY in your power to save the United States from the worst disaster in my lifetime, the ObamaNation of America.

Peaceful free assembly and free speech are the most important weapons in the battle to save our country from the tyranny of the Imperial Czar, Barack Hussein Obama.


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