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Rush Limbaugh-Enemy of the Fascist ObamaNation
obama Arrogance
There is compelling evidence that the inflammatory quotes, which have been attributed to Rush Limbaugh on CNN, MSNBC and at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch are things he never said. There's no audio file, there's no YouTube, there's no transcript -- there's no sourcing of any kind.   Limbaugh is one of the most listened-to and tape-recorded broadcasters yet there is no direct evidence he said any of the racially charged quotes reported in the liberal media.  There is not even a weak  explanation for the quotes like, "Oh, he said these things off the record at a fundraiser for Alexander Haig". The quotes were completely made up by those involved in a smear campaign against Limbaugh, who has been declared an enemy of the Liberal Fascist ObamaNation.

Limbaugh has handled the situation professionally, not drawing undue attention to the quotes on his radio show.  He did make the case that if he said James Earl Ray  was a hero, then surely there would have been a Don-Imus-to-the-nth-power-sized blowup long before now. I'm  surprised that more conservatives haven't brought this matter to the attention of the public.  Have we become so used to  irresponsible behavior by the liberal media  at MSNBC & CNN that we accept this type of yellow journalism as business as usual?   The "liberal" media did not care about the veracity of the quotes as their job was not to report but to take down an enemy of the Liberal State.

It’s no coincidence that Democratic Party outlets like CNN & MSNBC had to create fake quotes to discredit Limbaugh. Nothing Rush actually said would have affected his involvement as a limited partner in an NFL franchise. 

This is really all you need to know about State supported media under a Liberal Fascist Administration.


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