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Karma is a motherfucker: Saints take down Luciferian Favre
Last Sunday, comfortably leading 27-3 with less than two minutes to play, the Minnesota Vikings opted to go for it on fourth down from the Cowboys' 11-yard line.

They could have kicked the field goal.

The game was effectively over.

By keeping their offensive unit on the field, it seemed to imply they were content to run the ball, either to pick up the game's final first down or turn the ball over to Dallas in poor field position.

Instead, Brett Favre executed a play-action pass to perfection, hooking up with a diving Visanthe Shiancoe in the end zone to extend the lead to 30 points.

A jubilant Favre jumped for joy like he had just won the Super Bowl. The Minnesota crowd went crazy.

But Dallas Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking took umbrage, racing over to Favre and the Vikings sideline to share his opinion of what he thought of his perceived lack of sportsmanship.

"I thought it was totally classless and disrespectful," Brooking said. "This is the NFL, that's not what this is about. I don't think there's a place for that ... I was looking for [Vikings coach Brad] Childress. I didn't think it was right, but they've got to see us next year. They've got to see us. You better believe I'll have that one circled on the calendar, but I say that, we get paid to stop them. I don't care what's called, but sometimes I don't think there was much class in that decision to do what he did."

The Minnesota Vikings are a better team than the Dallas Cowboys and should have won last week's playoff game. All I will remember about the game is the most low class NFL coach and quarterback rubbing the Cowboys nose in it.

Class act Brett Favre said that he got more tired after celebrating rubbing the Cowboys nose it,  than he did beating the shit out of the Cowboys.  Then he started to cry. 

Favre's houseboy Brad Childress spent most of the post game press conference letting the world know he has a huge inferiority complex.  The Vikings were a 3 point favorite to win the game. But Childress didn't think beating Dallas by 30 points was enough.

When did a Cowboy or any other NFL player or coach call out or question the Minnesota Vikings this season.  Brad Childress is a moron with an inferiority complex. Apparently he doesn't know that the NFL players voted more Vikings into the Pro Bowl than any other team.  

Where did the Tasmanian Devils from Dallas bullshit come from Childress?  I have never seen a more bitter coach after a win. Like Farve, Childress obviously has no character or class.

Were you watching and listening New Orleans?  Brad Childress & Brett Favre decided to disrespect the entire NFL including Wade Philips, a NFL veteran and son of Bum Phillips your former coach. Neither one has has never thrown a single player under the bus. 

Luciferian Brett Favre took it upon himself to disrespect  the five time Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys by throwing the most meaningless and classless touchdown in NFL playoff history . Favre said he celebrated so hard on the field that he got more tired than he did playing the game. 

Favre is now and always has always been a classless, selfish,  despicable  sorry excuse for a person, who happens to play QB in the NFL.  Favre is a hired gun with zero loyalty for any team and no respect for the players and coaches who made his career in the NFL.

Karma is a motherfucker.  Both Childress and Favre will find that out soon enough.

Minnesota made a deal with the devil himself.  They will pay the price for letting Childress & Favre smear their once proud and honorable franchise.

Purple Karma from Tasmania, baby. Coming soon to these two... (posted January 17, 2010)

Like I said. Karma. Favre could have run for 15-20 yards on the vikings last offensive play of the season. Instead, he thought he was Superman and added to his NFL record for most interceptions thrown by a quarterback.

This is as good as a Cowboys Super Bowl win!!!!

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints. Who Dat!!! New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl!
          Win with class


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