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HORRIBLE 10/10/10
Cowboys Rotating Star
Numerologists hyped today as a great one for "new beginnings".  It sure was for the Tampa Rays and the Tennessee Titans. I guess the same could be said for the Rangers and Cowboys on the worst sports day in Arlington history. The beginning of the end...Don't see either team recovering from the UGLY we witnessed yesterday.  

Note to Rangers:  No game has more superstitions that MUST be adhered to than major league baseball.  When you win two games on the road that NOBODY expected you to do.  Wear the SAME BLUE CAPS when you return home to play. You don't phuck with success.  How difficult a concept is that to grasp?

Not only did the Rangers roll out the RED caps on Saturday.  After an embarrassing loss, they went back to them on Sunday. Well, it's back to blue caps and Cliff Lee on Tuesday. I don't think that will be enough to overcome the Rays momentum and the Rangers lack of confidence. You gave this series away, Rangers. But then again. I expected this.

Cowboys?  This is not expected or acceptable on any level.  There are no excuses for coming off the bye week and playing like you did at home. HORRIBLE!  Seriously, the offense, defense and special teams were, well, HORRIBLE.  The only bright spots on the team are #19 Miles Austin who committed a HORRIBLE holding penalty. And #28 Felix Jones who can't get enough carries because he's playing behind the HORRIBLE Marion Barber.

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