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ICE HSI Issuing New Badges
HSI Badge
The Department of Homeland Security has decided that the ICE brand is a failure. After attempting for more than seven years to brand ICE special agents, DHS has thrown in the towel.

ICE agents are now being branded as Homeland Security Investigations Special Agents.  The thousands of ICE special agent badges that were issued will be encased in plastic for a fee and given to the employees who were originally issued them. The new badges will show the entire name of the agency not just the three letter HSI moniker.

ICE was the only law enforcement badges in the United States that did not include the actual agency name on their badges. The old badges displayed the letters ICE, the three letter acronym for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Here is a photograph of the new ICE/HSI badge.

This is the old badge that is being replaced
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