The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Fri, 15:53: What a beating! There is no way I can listen to John Rhadigan & Tom Grieve for more than 15 minutes without dozing off #rangers play by play
  • Fri, 16:18: Feel bad for John Rhadigan but he's not qualified nor has experience needed to do #rangers play by play. Synching DVR with radio broadcast
  • Fri, 21:15: Watching Giants vs Dodgers listening to the great Vin Scully on PT #mlb
  • Fri, 21:18: RT @rrj935wtpa: Pulled away from COL/PHX for a sec to reaffirm my belief that Vin Scully is the BEST baseball play-by-play man EVER!


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