The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Пт, 21:38: RT @distance66: After 3 Mansfield Tigers 48 Grapevine Mustangs 20. #txhsfb
  • Сб, 08:24: RT @lovelyladypa: PSU STILL DOESNT GET IT: Kenneth Frazier, a Penn State trustee since 2009 IS TO HEAD INVESTIGATION
  • Сб, 08:26: “@nfRabbit: #psu was a great institution a month ago, it is a great institution today, it will still be great institution in a month" NOT
  • Сб, 11:05: RT @jimrome: Sandusky was still cruising around campus last week?! I wouldn't be surprised if PSU let him show up on the sidelines Sat. ...
  • Сб, 11:05: RT @TheZuba: Watching this PSU pre game, just something off taking a serious crime and tying in a sporting event. Weird over ceremonial ...
  • Сб, 11:09: #PSU damage control,disgusting attempt to right 14 years of wrong. Not buying this bullshit. Insincere to say the last. NCAA death penalty!
  • Сб, 11:11: #PSU "Win with Honor" largest fraud in NCAA history
  • Сб, 11:12: RT @MacBerry: @SachemPatch #PSU football: Prayer on field? Solidarity? children scarred 4 life. Penn State a disgrace. #JoPa was an enab ...
  • Сб, 11:12: RT @yamsEsucraM: All I can think of with each of these #PSU coach bios is that they definitely knew about Sandusky. JoePa's son, 30-year ...
  • Сб, 11:12: RT @Nicks_twicks: #psu all coaches that where there when #coverup happened should be fired


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