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Cowboys Have a Good Owner but a Horrible General Manager

The Dallas Cowboys are not going back to the Super Bowl until Jerry Jones fires his General Manager. Jones is now both the Owner, President & General Manager as well as Head Coach of the Cowboys.  As a result  the lowly Detroit Lions are the only team in the NFC that have gone longer than the Cowboys without a playoff victory. 

Coach Jerry has put his top assistant coach, Defensive Coordinator and Faux Head Coach, Wade Phillips on notice. Phillips must win at least one playoff game this season or the only job he will have next year is Defensive Coordinator. Wade is actually qualified for that job.

Coach Jerry also has made it clear that this is a "Romo friendly" team. Jones says he has encouraged Romo to give input to all the coaches so the game plan will help make Romo and the Cowboys succeed. In other words, its your team now Tony.  No more excuses will be accepted. Jerry made it clear he is not interested in signing Michael Vick or any other quarterback this season. Of course Jerry reserves his right to change his mind next season.

Here's a bold prediction on opening day of Training Camp in San Antonio. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.  Dallas will surprise me if they even make the playoffs this season.  Of course, Coach Jerry knows this too. But the must see Cowboys Stadium actually lives up to the hype. Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, which is three times larger than Texas Stadium, is the BEST ever. No sporting venue in the world comes close to this marvel. The new stadium will be the STAR  this season. Cowboys Stadium will carry the team and the TV ratings.

Jerry delivered a state of the Cowboys speech & held a press conference in San Antonio yesterday to open training camp. Can there be a less articulate billionaire on earth than Coach Jerry?   No realistic Cowboys fan can be happy if they listened to Jerry yesterday.  However, as David Thomas of the Fort Worth Star Telegram points out in today's paper,  the Giants, Redskins and Eagles fans have to be happy.

Coach Jerry began his remarks kissing up to San Antonio and official training camp sponsor, Ford.  Once Jerry was finished taking care of "bidness" he made it clear that the team's greatest asset is HIS stadium.  Coach Jerry actually said, "The stadium will bring energy" to his players.

That made sports humor columnist David Thomas very excited, as he remembers well, how much energy the Cowboy players drew last season at the final game from Texas Stadium.  The Baltimore Ravens shut down Texas Stadium by kicking Cowboy butt 33-24.  The final game of the season in Philadelphia was an even bigger disaster and Tony Romo watched the playoffs from Joe Simpson's house.

Coach Jones says his quarterback position is a "big plus" and he loved how Tony Romo had performed during the off season.  Coach Jerry opined that all that off season golf, basketball and running from Jessica Simpson put Romo in "pressure situations" that will propel him to Super Bowl MVP or some such. 

David Thomas summarizes how happy Coach Jones is with the rest of the team:

"The speedy defensive players will get tired of being on the field and, because we're nice people, we look forward to many opportunities to see just how strong the Cowboy's punt team is."

A reporter later asked about the running backs rotation:

"Well." Jerry immediately said, "I'm going to give my opinion, then you probably should ask Wade. Please ask him, and you should."

Then Jerry answered, and no one asked Wade. 

Nuff said.

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