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Free Market Capitalism Works BUT Corporatism Will Kill the Economy

General Motors Co said on Monday its U.S. auto sales fell 19.4 percent in July from a year earlier, but retail sales rose from the month before for a fifth consecutive month, supported by the U.S. government's "Cash for Clunkers" incentives.

GM, which emerged from bankruptcy last month after the sale of its best assets to a group led by the U.S. Treasury, said U.S. sales fell to 189,443 vehicles in July from 235,184 a year earlier. Retail sales were down only 9 percent from July 2008, but fleet sales were down 47 percent.

The result stands in contrast to a small 2.3 percent sales increase for rival Ford Motor Co, the only Detroit car maker not to pass through bankruptcy in 2009, and a 9 percent decline at Chrysler Group LLC, which emerged from bankruptcy in June.

Corporatism is the organization of our Republic into industrial and professional corporations serving as organs of the federal government with control over persons and activities executed by the political representation in Washington D.C.

GM's failure is more evidence that fascist corporatism does not work.  Your tax dollars were wasted to bail out both GM & Chrysler. FORD did not take any government money.  When will the people wake up and demand that Congress turn their backs on Obama's corporatist socialist agenda and return our economy to free market capitalism?  WE the people elect our representatives and WE must DEMAND that they follow the Constitution and represent US.

Phred Barnet of "Americanly Yours" does a great job of explaining the Obama Lemon aka Cash For Clunkers program.

"My personal opinion was that one of the reasons that this bill was passed was to protect the United States’ “investments” in [read:  theft of] General Motors and Chrysler.  It is clear to all that Congress and the Administration intended for this program to stimulate the economy and help the environment.  But I also believe that the government wanted to use this program to inflate the revenues at GM and Chrysler to make the American people less uneasy about the bailouts of those firms.  Think about it.  If you had just made a hugely unpopular move like taking over two iconic American automakers, you would do anything possible to convince the public that it was a good decision.  This includes funneling money to those companies to make their revenues look good.

My guess is that this program will actually hurt GM and Chrysler as compared to their competitors, namely Ford.  Why?  Well for one, a new Rasmussen poll found that 66% of Americans have at least “a somewhat favorable opinion of Ford.“  The same poll found that “General Motors is viewed favorably by 38%… and unfavorably by 56%”  It also found that 34% have at least somewhat favorable opinion of Chrysler “while 55% see the company unfavorably.”  The American people are angry at the other two companies for taking taxpayer funds, and Ford is now perceived as the only American automaker that isnt owned by the government.

They also make much better cars now than they used to.  I love my 2007 Ford Fusion.

In another poll that was published on the same day, Rasmussen also found that 46%of Americans are more likely to buy a Ford because they did not take a government bailout (13% said they were less likely and 37% said it didnt make a difference).  41% OF Americans also believe that quality of GM’s cars will get worse now that the government owns the company, while only 19% think it will get better."

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