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Compare and Contrast

  Secret Service Diplomatic Security
Year Founded 1865 1916
Department Homeland Security State
Current Director: Mark Sullivan Eric J. Boswell
Jurisdiction Protect current and ex-presidents and first ladies, visiting foreign heads of state and spouses, other distinguished foreign visitors, presidential and VP candidates. Investigates crimes against the financial infrastructure of the United States. Protection for Sec. of State, U.S. Amb. to U.N., all U.S. diplomatic personnel working in every U.S. diplomatic mission worldwide, cabinet-level foreign dignitaries visiting U.S. Investigates passport and visa fraud violations.
High-Profile Protectees Barack and Michelle Obama Condoleezza Rice, Dalai Lama
Staff Size 3,200 special agents, 1,300 uniformed officers, 2,000+ support personnel 1,500 special agents, 34,000 worldwide employees including technical security officers and support staff
Pluses Already protects her and knows her routine Would help boost morale at State Dept.
Minuses Picking S.S. over D.S. creates immediate tensions at State. Potential logistical nightmare and turf war with S.S. when she travels with Bill Clinton.

Clinton can renounce her Secret Service detail, and a compromise might involve a sharing of duty, with Diplomatic Security providing her with protection while she is at work in Washington or on the road but not while she is at home with her husband, the officials said. But such a solution would not address the possibility of Bill Clinton traveling with his wife, especially if he doesn't give up his Secret Service protection.

Diplomatic Security is far less well-known than its Secret Service cousin, even though it has been around since 1916 and, with agents in 157 countries, is the most widely represented U.S. security and law enforcement organization around the world.

It jealously guards its role as security provider to the secretary of state and Cabinet-level foreign officials who visit the United States. "DS protects more dignitaries than any other U.S. government agency," its Web site boasts.

But it is the Secret Service, founded in 1865, that most people are more familiar with. It protects current and past presidents and their families, as well as visiting heads of foreign states or governments in the United States.

Clinton would be the first former first lady to hold a Cabinet position in the government, although Eleanor Roosevelt served as a delegate to the U.N. General Assembly from 1945 to 1953 and served as the first chair of the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Officials at the Secret Service and Diplomatic Security could not say what her security arrangements were at the time.


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