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Dallas Cowboys Party Pass- Some Glad/Some MAD

I have secured a Dallas Cowboys "Party Pass" for the September 28 Monday Night game vs the Carolina Panthers. The advertised price is $29 but the actual cost is $38 with Ticketmaster fees. Remote Parking cost $25.  There is no public bus transportation to Cowboys Stadium.

Yesterday the best  "seat" available for the same game is in Section 441 Row 6. Cost with fees is $254.  Section 441 is the highest of 9 levels of seating/suties at Cowboys Stadium.  This seat is in the nose bleed section AND  oxygen masks are highly recommended.

Standing room used to be a consolation prize given to the fan who thought he could get a walk-up seat and struck out. Today standing room only is apparently all the rage. At least in Arlington, where the Cowboys $1.1 billion new stadium has the capacity to hold 35,000 fans that don't get a place to sit.

On Monday, the Cowboys put these Party Pass "seats," on sale and in the first six hours sold 13,000 for the Sept. 20 opener against the New York Giants. It's not that people don't want to sit.  The six party decks are in the end zone and it helps to have the world's biggest HD video screen (over 20,000 square feet) and two 48-foot wide boards that will face the Party Pass fans. People who buy these seats will get in the stadium, feel the energy, say they were there, and feel like they are getting a value. The Cowboys themselves tell you that it's "one of the best price points in the NFL."

While many like me are applauding the move as a brilliant one from the mind of Jerry Jones, there's definitely two sides to this play. The more traditional argument is that this is good. It's cramming more people into the stadium, who then spend money on concessions.

But there are others who think this might not be the most prudent business move. Think about the people who paid $890 for a season ticket in the upper end zone because they thought that was their only way into the stadium. That's $89 a game, including the two exhibitions, and that doesn't include a one-time $4,000 PSL charge. How do they feel about the fact that people who will have a much better view closer to the field, without a seat of course, get to pick what games they attend while paying at least $60 less per game?

There's obviously going to be some sensitivity. It's obvious why these tickets didn't go on sale earlier. It's also likely one of the reasons why the advertisement for the Party Pass (below) shows such a horrible view. The Cowboys probably think that $29 sells it enough and don't want to show too much in a picture.  

I attended the first sporting event ever held at Cowboys Stadium, a soccer match last month.  I can assure you that the standing room sections have a MUCH better view of the field than the upper deck seats.  Most of the standing room is located in the stadium "entry" level end zones. This is level 4 of 9, on the same level as Jerry Jones' personal suite.

Oh well, Jerry Jones got this millions of dollars in PSL's & season ticket sales. Now he stands to make millions more from the 35,000 Party Passes available for every sporting event at Cowboys Stadium. Jerry often fails as general manager of football operations but he is a genius owner and general manager of business operations.


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