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Gray Whales 100 meters from my Balcony
Found a big surprise at Yachats,located in Lincoln County, the heart of the Oregon coast. When we checked in yesterday there were two Gray whales hanging about 100 yards off shore.

Both of the huge Grays have been in this area all week according to hotel management. We watched them chase shrimp for hours today.

Every year thousands of Gray whales make a 12,000 mile round trip migration from the Bering Sea off Alaska down to the warm waters of Mexico's Baja peninsula & back.

Several hundred whales stay off the Oregon coast during the summer instead of returning all the way to the Bering Sea. These whales stay to eat small mysid shrimp which hatch by the billions in the kelp beds growing off the rocky Oregon shoreline.

We are headed north to Cannon Beach tomorrow. We're staying the final two nights up there before returning on Sunday.

This is my first visit to Oregon. I can honestly say that Oregon could easily become one of my favorite destinations.

More about that and photos next week.

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You got picture of the whales I hope!

I have never been to Oregon so I am looking forward to your post about it.

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