Bonzer Wolf™ (bonzerwolf) wrote,
Bonzer Wolf™

AA Wifi onboard by GoGo

Flying from PDX to DFW at 31,000 feet. I have used AA wifi on the flight to Portland for free with a coupon code from AA. Paid the $7.95 flying back. The price is per flight. GoGo will be offering monthly service for fequent flyers.

I think it's well worth the price, especially on long flights.

The connection is very fast. I have not used it with a laptop but BlackBerry connection for email, txt msg, web surfing works great. Very fast connection. My BB GPS works too! 500 mph!

WiFi cuts off when planes goes below 10,000 feet on approach.

Logged just over 1,100 miles on the roads of Oregon. Will be writing about the trip this week.

How bout them Cowboys!
Tags: bonzer, road trip

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