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ICE is a National Disgrace

ICE is the laughing stock of all law enforcement to include state, local and federal agencies. The Obamanation needs to put a dagger through the heart of the abomination known as ICE ASAP. Can you imagine anything more embarrassing than this video? These are "management" senior special agents!!! They just sit there with smirks on their faces? Get up off your fat asses and arrest those assholes for criminal trespass. At least tell them to get the F out of there. Morons! ICE is an agency run by morons.

I feel very sorry for the legacy Customs and INS street agents who are stuck in ICE hell. None of them asked to be part of the DHS lunacy. To be ICE free is the greatest feeling one could ever experience. ICE is the worst nightmare in the history of federal law enforcement. But I have no sympathy for the "pure" ICE agents who signed on to this fledgling embarrassment of a federal agency voluntarily. For the most part, these agents signed onto ICE because no other agency federal agency would even consider hiring them. These agents got what they deserved at ICE. But the citizens of the United States deserve better than this. Congress needs to act immediately.

Management officials like John Chakwin are being promoted to SES SAC positions after over 80% of the employees under his command gave him a failing grade. Morale in SAC/Dallas is lower than whale shit but Marcy got her boy through the SES process! How can the Office of Special Counsel continue to ignore the continuous falsification of qualification certifications and the pre-selection of candidates for promotion that is rampant throughout ICE?

National political writer, Debbie Schlussel today reported on ICE management's conduct during an intrusion of an ICE training session in Arizona by left wing nuts known as "FIRE".  Read Debbie's comments and view the video tape of the "Fire Raid on ICE" at the award winning site

                                                      Dallas ICE SAC John Chakwin Jr. hard at work in Texas



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