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World Whorships Obama

My favorite radio station is Hardcore Sports Radio on Sirius Channel 98.  The radio station is located in Toronto, Canada and is broadcast uncensored.  I guess you could say Hardcore Sports is a Libertarian sports fan's ideal station.  Most of the on air talent is Canadian but these guys know U.S. sports more than most Americans.

My favorite personality is Gabriel Morency. Morency knows more about NCAA and NFL football teams in the U.S. than most radio sports personalities in America.  His late night show, SPORTS RAGE is my favorite show on Sirius as he keeps me both entertained and informed.  

Morency weighed in on Obama bashers last night. Unfortunately, the caller he was engaged with, could not articulate the frustration that many Americans have with our President.  Morency is a class act and he reads all emails and takes phone calls from anyone who calls his show. Most radio shows only allow a fraction of the callers to get on the air and virtually none of their emails are read on the air.

Sports Rage is not for the faint of heart. Anything goes on the show but the programing works. I look forward to hearing from the many regular callers all over North America. My only beef with the show is that Morency doesn't seem to get American politics. I think this is a universal problem outside of the U.S. I have a friend in South Africa who travels to the U.S. often and tells me the same thing.

The world  hates Bush and loves Obama.  The MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS and the worldwide media continue to portray Obama as a great President, a savior to the "unwashed masses" of misguided Americans.  But Obama's popularity in the U.S. is reflected in the recent polls that show a dramatic decline in favorable ratings for his performance.

I did not hear the show live last night , but listened to a replay this morning. After listening, I decided to email Morency and try to explain why I think so many Americans are upset with the performance of President Obama.  I invited him to review the entries on this site to find out why many Americans are angry with the ObamaNation of America,  including ACORN, Cap & Trade, ObamaCare, Government Motors (GM),  Stimulus failure,  corporate bailouts, unemployment and record federal deficit.

I don't think I will change Morency's opinion or anyone else who lives outside of the U.S. I don't think they will ever "get it".  On the other hand, millions of Americans, many I suspect  who voted for Obama, are starting to "get it".  Just as we survived Jimmy Carter, we will survive Barack Obama. In the end,  the USA will be a stronger and better country and the rest of the world will continue to be jealous of the best country on earth.
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