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ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth has Mark Cuban's Attention
Mark Cuban has blogged that the World Wide Leader in Sports is without question minor league when it comes to ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth. Cuban says,  "Its hard to offer any coverage when you dont actually have anyone at the games.  Last two Mavs games. No local reporter.  Maybe the ESPN Dallas standard of coverage is to have their reporters watch the game on TV. IN which case I guess I should be happy since most of the preseason games ,are on HDnet."

Cuban writes, "I hope ESPN Dallas decides to make a commitment to the Mavs, the more Mavs coverage the better. But until they do..If you are a Mavs fan, diehard or casual, make your first stop and your next stop The Dallas Morning News or just open up your morning newspaper."

Sounds like Mark Cuban is pimping HDnet, & DMN while trying to bully ESPN to give his MAVS more coverage. Cuban is also sending a message to the Dallas Morning News not to EVEN think about budget cuts involving coverage of HIS MAVS.  Of course, ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth has been covering the Cowboys closely since the site opened last less than two weeks ago.

Truth is, nobody really cares about watching MAVS preseason games in October. We have gotten used to Mark Cuban's role as Mavs Pimp in Chief.  He admits in his blog that he does not care about the coverage, nor does he follow any of the other professional teams in Dallas. 

Check out ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth here:



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