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"Baucus Bull" aka Senate Finance Committee Health Care Reform

With the help of smoke, mirrors and accounting slights of hand and we now have health care “reform” for a price tag of only $829 billion.  The price conveniently comes in under under Obama’s limit of $900 billion. Baucus may look and talk like a Montanan, but he’s been in Washington way too long just like Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas. While $829 billion is a real savings compared to $900 billion inside the beltway,  here in middle America, $829 billion dollars is still a lot of money to add to the deficit.

In fact, this is all a wink and a nod plan to sell a very expensive new entitlement program to the ignorant masses.  This legislation will cost far more than $829 billion. This will be an entitlement that will grow to consume the federal budget and, indeed, the economy to transform America into a no-growth, no-job zone like Europe’s nanny states.  England, France and Germany used to be major players on the international stage.  But with social welfare and “universal health care" leading the way, there’s no money for priorities like defense and national security.  With universal health care coverage brought to you by the Department of Health and Human Services, and the IRS we won’t have to worry about the war on terror or border security.  We simply won’t have the money.

The Baucus bill is only the skeleton of the final reform product.  About $500 billion to pay for this reform is suppose to come from Medicare “savings.”  The wealthiest senior generation in the history has the largest lobby, AARP and the most regular voters in the country.  After an Democrat ass whipping at the ballot box in 2010, Congress will restore every penny of Medicare.  Social Security and Medicare are the “third rail” of politics.

The bill also legislates taxation of the so-called Cadillac health plans.  This is supposed to raise the big bucks to pay for this new entitlement ($200 billion).  Either every health insurance plan will carefully price premiums just under the limits of $8000 and $21,000 for individuals and families or employers will simply stop providing health insurance to workers. In fact, this is the goal of Obama's Health Care Reform. Obama and the Democrats will not stop until they legislate a universal single payer system that will cost trillions of dollars more.

On the other hand, it may be a good thing that the Democrats have the majority in both the House and Senate and are lead by Obama.  Democrats in their arrogance, always think they know better than the rest of us.   Democrats have all the answers and solutions, regardless of the will of the people.   We can now sit back and watch the Democrat philosopher-kings, lead by Obama, Reid and Pelosi, come up with solutions that the worker bees in the trenches are just too stupid to see.

Go ahead, Democrats, pass the bill.  Do it in the dark of night before the public or legislators have a chance to read it.  The bottom line is that this bill will provide another thousand reasons to remove the Democrat majority from Congress in 2010 and crush the ObamaNation in 2012. We the people, are going to reclaim our country just we did after Jimmy Carter came close to destroying America.

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