Bonzer Wolf™ (bonzerwolf) wrote,
Bonzer Wolf™

Obamarx Condemns Capitalism

"The insurance industry has decided to lead the charge against health reform, and everyone recognizes their motives: profits," said White House deputy communications director Dan Pfeiffer. "We are going to make sure they can't sink this effort at the last minute."

Pfeiffer castigated the industry for releasing a report Monday that concluded the Finance Committee bill would increase costs to consumers. "They made themselves a very good foil," he said.

Of course without profits these companies wouldn't be required to pay income tax. How do the Democrats propose we pay for their relentless spending ?

The real problem with this so called Health Care Reform is Democrat greed and corruption.  Democrats plan to take the profits from the insurance companies and redistribute them to their special interest constituency groups whose votes they need to purchase in 2010/12.

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