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RIP Hardcore Sports Radio (Sirius 98)

Turn out the lights, the party is over. There are thousands of listeners like me, who tuned into Sirius 98 for one reason and one reason only. You never heard us call into sportsrage or saw us in the forums. But we were daily listeners to Sportsrage and Morency.

Without Gabe Morency, I am out. There is no reason for me to tune is HSR anymore. Like Howard in morning drive, Gabe Morency was able to do in late night sports radio what no other personality could. Morency is the most entertaining and knowledgeable sports personality I ever listened to on radio.

BTW, Mike Gentle & The Score suits, I am a 55 year old, non drinking retired civil servant who only bets on sports when I am in Vegas. There are thousands more like me who were entertained by Morency. Frankly, the rest of your daily lineup is weak.  I don't tune into sports radio to hear chocolate bar and sugar pops cereal talk.  We Americans don't need a daily soccer show and Sarah Meehand puts me to sleep.  You  already kicked off Koulis on hockey who actually gave us solid information that we couldn't get anywhere else in the states.  Do you think that CFL games are going to attrack listeners in the states? Good luck with all that.

I think that Morency and Sportsrage will surface on another Sirius channel.  Morency's blood is on the hands of Mike Gentile and the rest of those espn wannabe's at softcore sports radio. It is what it is.  Sportsrage will not die.  But  HSR is dead to me.

Express your outrage over the firing of Gabe Morency directly to Score Media here

Email the CEO & Executive VP to express your outrage


BENJI LEVI: Executive VP/


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