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Gabriel Morency Has Left the Building

"what up all!!the chains are off and so are the and hsr-score media group are no longer together.we have parted ways"

With that tweet around noon today, @sportsrage aka Gabriel Morency,  notified thousands of rage-a-holics across North America that he was no longer employed by Hardcore Sports Radio (HSR) which is broadcast on Sirius 98.  Morency brought HSR to the attention of millions of Sirius listeners almost 3 years ago.  Most of the posts on HSR fan forums indicate that Morency is the Hardcore Sports brand.  The future of HSR is questionable with the departure of their only star and most recognized talent.

On November 17, 2006, Morency announced that he would be leaving the Team 990 in Montreal, Canada. 11 days later, Morency was on HSR co-hosting Hardcore Football Sunday and later, Sports Rage.  Morency teamed with producer Aaron Bronsteter, commonly referred to as 'Orville' and sports update reporter "The Big E", Eric Cohen from 11p-2a daily.

Sports Rage was known for "Road Rages".  Morency went on over 27 Road Rages in less than 3 years.  Road Rages were broadcast at various venues across North America, including Las Vegas.  Morency and his loyal listeners came together at these remote broadcasts, accompanied by guest stars, who often appeared on his show during the late night hours.

Sports Rage was known for its regular callers,  including "The Rickster", Brandon in St. Louis, Rocco in California, Rob in Boston, "Bruder", and "Baroni", among many others. "Cage Calls" became featured events on the show. The most recent Cage Call was on December 23, 2008 between "The Rickster" and Drew in Nelson, BC.  "Cage Calls" featured two callers who talk "smack" back and forth.

Morency was later joined by fellow The Score/Hardcore Sports Radio personality Cam Stewart on two shows by the names of "Morency" and "Covers Experts".  They often talk to Las Vegas Sports Insider expert Brian Blessing, who Morency has given the nicknames "Ricky Rickshaw" (from a prior incident) and "Kenny Rogers".  "Covers Experts" was simulcast every weekday at 6:30pm EST on The Score Television Network and Hardcore Sports Radio. Morency had previously appeared with Cam Stewart and Sarah Meehan on the last segment of the show "Drive This!"  which was hosted by RIchard Garner until April 2009. 

Morency was suspended by Score Media, the parent company of Hardcore Sports Radio after the October 23, 2009 Sports Rage broadcast. Morency was allegedly drinking vodka while broadcasting Sports Rage.  Morency was scheduled to return to the show on November 2, 2009 but hours before the show, Morency sent a message via his @sportsrage twitter account , "what up all..bad news.not on tonight.things not looking good.will let you know when i have news...don't worry though everything will work out".

On November 3rd, 2009, Morency announced on twitter that he had parted ways with the HSR. Morency  tweeted that he will be starting his own website which will feature Morency on a webcast from Toronto.  Morency said via twitter that he expects the web site to be up and running in a couple of weeks.  The Wolf will keep you updated on MORENCY SPORTS. 

"its all site will kick the shit out of there's.all your fav guests.nothing changes.just the web address!"

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