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Democrats Will Kill Sick People If Public Option Does Not Fund Abortions!

Right now, liberals face a choice between health care reform that restricts abortion, or no health care at all. In essence, they're being asked to choose between mammograms for millions of women who currently can't get them, or insurance coverage for a few abortions.

HR 3962, which passed the House late Saturday prevents taxpayer dollars from being spent on abortions.  Conservative Democrats like Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE), whose vote is indispensable to defeat a Republican filibuster, have said they will not support a HC reform bill without the additional abortion provisions contained in HR 3962.  Radical left wing liberals are furious. 41 radical House Democrats have already signed a letter to Nancy Pelosi swearing not to vote for any healthcare reform that contains the abortion restrictions.

In other words, House Democrats who claim that it's morally wrong to deprive millions of Americans of health care that will save thousands of lives, are willing to let people die, if aborting unborn babies is not paid for under the Public Option. 

This is the core of the blatant hypocrisy of the Marxist Democrats who control their party.  Every day they say thousands of Americans are dying in the streets because they can't get health care. Yet, these same Democrats are willing to kill the Pelosi bill and potentially thousands of people not covered by heath insurance if  the Public Option insurance plan does not fund a abortions?

I sincerely believe that Keith Olbermann is not only the biggest asshat in America, but he is my choice for the Worst Person in the World, each and everyday that he appears on MSNBC Countdown spewing his Marxist propaganda to promote liberal fascism. Rachael Maddow, who I am sure you have never seen nor heard of, is the second Worst Person in the World, today or any day she appears on MSNBC.  Neither will retain that title, when Comcast takes over NBC. Both their butts will be out the door faster than you can say, "the worst ratings in MSNBC history".

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