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JENNIFER FLOYD ENGEL on the Dallas Cowboys

I’ll say it. I lost this game for this football team." — Dejected Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams after Sunday’s loss

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Nice try, Roy. Too bad you’re wrong.

Sunday’s 17-7 loss in Green Bay was not the result of Roy’s hand butchery of a catchable pass, or his inability to simply not fumble after a pretty catch and run for 42 yards, or his failure so far to achieve any of the objectives for which he was traded.

What Roy is is an easy scapegoat for this a.m. So go ahead.

Ignore the elephant in the locker room, which is the Cowboys lost not because they were not the better team at Lambeau Field on Sunday but because again they were the weaker one. The Cowboys allowed a cratering Green Bay team to hang around and hang around, never making it pay for repeated buffoonery.

And the Cowboys got exactly what they deserved.

We’d be able to dismiss Sunday’s loss as an anomaly, a blip in what has been a good little stretch, if laying this type of egg was not a sort of default mode for this Cowboys team under Coach Wade. We have seen this game before, in KC, in Philly last December, too many times really for a team as talented as this.

"I don’t know" was the standard response to why afterward, which, frankly, is not good enough. "Why?" actually seems quite simple. Under Coach Wade this has become a team that’s OK with being pretty good, beating Philly and just coasting.
"Sometimes, I wish we dictated to defenses, not let defenses dictate what we do," wide receiver Pat Crayton said.
Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

The best teams say, "This is what we do. Come and beat us." And what the Cowboys have been doing best is killing teams with a nasty, aggressive, attacking defense and a healthy dose of Tony Romo to Miles Austin.

Did anybody see enough of nasty or Miles on Sunday? And what happened to taking control of a game?

Green Bay was flailing for good chunks of Sunday, a discombobulated mish-mash of an O-line trying to protect a QB who had basically been told by his teammates, "Hey, dude, you stink" in a team meeting last week. They were killing themselves with penalties and silliness and general ineptitude. The crowd was booing. They appeared on the cusp of fold.

So what does it say that Aaron Rodgers and his Packers were the group to right themselves?

"The first thing, give Green Bay a lot of credit for coming back, playing this game, playing here," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said.

He, apparently, thought Mike McCarthy and Co. might no-show after being embarrassed by Tampa Bay. Stupidly, I thought the Cowboys had turned a corner a week ago in Philly and were worthy of cautious optimism.

What they did in Green Bay necessitates questioning everything.

This is not to say the Cowboys cannot lose, or that losing in Green Bay was some sort of unforgivable football sin. This is the NFL. Teams lose. It is the no-show aspect to the game that makes you worry for the Cowboys going into their personal hell called December.

Read the rest of the story in the Fort Worth Star Telegram

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