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Introduction to Google Wave

The user interface of Google Wave breaks new ground and yet is not unfamiliar as its layout resembles the inbox of your mail application. The time line that lets you recap how the wave has evolved and changed since your last visit is something that even wikis don’t have today—a feature that will surely be copied extensively in the future due to its intuitive usability. The user interface motivates further contributions to the wave. This is an excellent way to convince a lot of people to participate.

It is a completely new experience to actually see your friends, colleagues and contacts type in and change content in real time. No other application apart from a few client-side chat tools currently offers such a service via a web interface. If you’re a tech geek, you’ll love that part of Google Wave. It is a powerful innovation when it comes to real-time communication and collaboration. It is competing with the well-known comforts of email, wikis and chat, but in a lot of use cases, I think Wave will win.

Brainstorming, early concept creation and discussion is what I see Google Wave being used for extensively in the near future. It can also serve as a multi-user note-taking platform for meetings and sessions in your company or university. If you want to organize an event collaboratively, Google Wave will most likely replace wikis. That’s a punch in the gut for all creators of wiki software. These are just the most obvious uses. As more people use Google Wave and become comfortable with it, they will begin using it in entirely new ways. The real-time communications it makes possible will override its weak points because of the greater efficiency it allows for any group trying to work together.

The biggest downside is there are no means of monitoring waves. This is Google Wave’s biggest weakness. I don’t get an email, G-voice alert, or any other notification in the communication systems I already use today when there is new activity in a wave.

If you need a Wave invite so you can try it out, call, email or leave comment and I will hook you up.
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