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Mr. Wolf has parted ways with Wikipedia
NO bull shit

Check out this Dude's blog. He helped build wikipedia. Now see what he has to say about those mofos

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that Wikipedia had lost "millions" of readers, volunteer writers and editors since the first quarter of 2007. As you saw in my last post, I decided to test the waters at Wikipedia. I found the editors to be hostile, biased and incompetent. I won't participate as the "wiki" is gone and the ass clowns are there to stay.

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From an original wiki editor

"You want to play by the rules and you've done your research. Your revisions are accurate and you have the links to prove it; your article was neutral and you want to argue your case; you've done your research and you actually followed Wikipedia policy. The trouble is, all of these policies are open to considerable interpretation, and there are so many rules and guidelines that there will always be something to throw at you. Remember, its not about debate. The decision has been made."

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