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Growth of the Executive Branch is Destroying US
Black Wolf
There is so much I want to write about, I don't know where to start. There is so much that I experienced working within the bureaucracy for 32 years. Both the Democrat and Republican Parties have completely abandoned the United States Constitution. This has become so successful, that those who support the Constitution are now called "wingnuts" & "teabaggers", portrayed as kooky radicals by the majority of the media.

I can't cover everything in a couple of weeks or even a couple of months. But I am going to do my best to get my message out over the next year, 2010. To quote FOX, I will report, you decide. I sincerely believe that if the citizens actually knew what was going on inside of the federal bureaucracy, there would be a bounty on the heads of government workers. Yes, I am sorry to say, it's that bad.

Government workers know it but they know it would be career suicide to reveal what's going on inside of your government. These people have families to feed and they are well aware that becoming a "whistle blower" is career suicide. The government destroys each and everyone who tries to do the right thing.

My experience inside the federal bureaucracy and my focus on the United States Constitution lead me to join the Libertarian Party. I joined when I was working for the government. I have never voted for a Bush or a Clinton. Unfortunately matters grow worse everyday and we are now at the point that our beloved Republic is in grace danger of failing and becoming a third world socialist state.

The truth of the matter is that Republicans nor Democrats control the government. Bureaucrats control our lives. Politicians come and go but the bureaucracies they create grow larger by the day. Bureaucracies never die, they morph into even larger more incompetent bureaucratic monsters.

You must understand, that politicians, depend on bureaucrats to gather the statistics and intelligence to support their positions. As they saying goes, figures don't lie but liars figure. High level Bureaucrats are always looking to pander to the party in power, so they can expand their own power and control.

To get my point across, I will tell my story. I will be truthful and objective. I began my federal career as a GS/2 clerk in 1976 when I was 21 years old. There were no GS/1's. GS/2 was as low as you could go. I retired as a GS/13 step 10 law enforcement, which is the same pay grade as a GS/15 step 6 civilian. GS/15 is the highest pay grade before moving into the Senior Executive Service (SES), which replaced the GS/16 pay grade.

The SES is actually a huge part of the problem with YOUR federal government . The SES created a level for career bureaucrats to compete with political appointees for power and prestige and to build even bigger empires within the bloated Executive Branch.

In fact, I believe the biggest threat to the national security of the United States is the growth of the Executive Branch of the federal government over the past 50-75 years, beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt. The executive branch of the federal government began to get totally out of control after the JFK presidency, beginning with Lyndon Johnson.

Keep reading this blog over the next few months and I will shed some light on how our federal government went from the vision of our founding fathers to the mess we are in today. YOU, the people can save YOUR country but not before you take control of your destiny from the federal bureaucrats and return it to the people.

NEXT in series: 1976, the start of 32 years in the bureaucracy

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thank you. i will follow this with strong interest - and spread the word.

Here's the thing, you didn't actually tell anyone anything in your blog. You've said there are problems in the bureaucracy, which, by the way, a lot of people DO know about, but never talk about. The problem here isn't about lack of knowledge. It's about American couch potatoes begin complacent. If you're trying to change that and tell them something so shocking it will get their half-baked behinds off the couch to change this nation, then you actually have to SAY something, no offense. lol

If you read the entry again, you will find that I have so much to say about the federal bureaucracy and the disproportionate growth of the Executive Branch that I plan on writing extensively on the topic in the future. If this was radio, we would call this entry a tease :)

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