Bonzer Wolf™ (bonzerwolf) wrote,
Bonzer Wolf™

Obama is Too Arrogant to "Get It"

For the first time in his presidency and similar to LBJ's handling of the Vietnam War, Obama found a way to alienate both the right and the left in his speech night at West Point. Three months of planing and that was the best he could do?

Good leaders are able to establish a strong middle ground that maintains support of their party's most intense partisans and diminishes the influence of the fiercest opponents. Reagan and Clinton both possessed this leadership, which Obama does not. Obama has struggled to achieve any major accomplishments during his first year in office. Does anyone have confidence that President Obama’s strategy will succeed in Afghanistan?

When Obama fails in Afghanistan, Democrats will still vote for his reelection. Even if Obama can convince the nation in 2012 that he succeeded in Afghanistan, Republicans will not support his reelection bid. Last night Obama had to convince Independents, who are abandoning him on Afghanistan, according to all the latest polls.

Obama talked out of both sides of his mouth, pandering to partisans on both sides. However, this is not the way you attract the Independents who will determine the election results in 2012. There are going to be more troops, but how are we going to win? Obama did not give us the answers. History tells us we will fail, just like every other country in has failed in Afghanistan since the beginning of recorded history.

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