The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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The Senate is getting very close to passing their health care bill. Their goal remains the same as it was since the beginning - a government takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Whether it's through a government-run insurance plan, a national health exchange or mandating the purchase of government-forced insurance, their objective is achieved. At its core, any version of the Reid bill that puts federal bureaucrats, who have zero accountability, in charge of writing the rules, enforcing the rules and settling disputes is a Washington takeover of your health care.

Call your Senator today to tell them to oppose the Reid bill (H.R. 3590). This bill fails to lower costs, reduce the deficit or protect the quality of patients' care.

The latest from the Senate floor is that little has changed. The most significant votes taken in the last few days have been three separate instances of Democrats voting to cut nearly a half a trillion dollars from Medicare in order to fund a new entitlement program while still claiming that the bill is deficit neutral.

The vote is imminent and despite all polls to the contrary, many in Washington have forgotten they represent us - the will of the American people. Your voice in needed more now than ever before. We must tell the Senate and the rest of the Washington politicians they can't ignore the voice of "We, the people." It's all or nothing; it's time to show up for the final showdown.

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thank you. the fight must not be lost.

most polls show that a majority of the american public support having a public option in the health care plan. but if the public option gets government subsidies, i would have a problem with that. right now, in a number of metropolitan areas a monopoly insurer situation exists (and the monopoly ensures that no viable competition can move in), which means there is no competitive market. that's not economically optimal.

my big problem with the current state of healthcare, however, is that we already have universal healthcare, its just a very shitty program where people without insurance go to the ER and everyone pays for it anyway. i'm not going to argue that a public option erases that problem, but its a big issue.

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