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Heisman Watch / BCS Sucks

Colt McCoy, the senior and 2008 Heisman runner-up overcame a slow start to the season with a fantastic second half, peaking with 479 yards of total offense in the Longhorns' 49-39 defeat of Texas A&M. That made McCoy the favorite until his offensive line fell apart against Nebraska in the Big 12 championship game. Still, McCoy has thrown for 3,512 yards and completed more than 70 percent of his passes. He also is the Longhorns' second leading rusher with 348 yards.

McCoy should get the nod over the other finalists. McCoy is the winningest quarterback in college football, and he helped lead the Longhorns into the BCS national championship game without a strong running game. Here's another reason, I hope McCoy wins the coveted Heisman.

If Colt McCoy was the king of college football for a day, he knows the first thing he would do: Scrap the Bowl Championship Series and implement a playoff system.

``I've thought about it a lot,'' McCoy said. ``I'd have to say eight-team playoff and maybe cut the season one game short. I don't think you would lose that much money because the playoffs would generate a lot of interest and ultimately you could find out who the national champion was for sure.''

That's an interesting perspective, considering McCoy will play for the BCS National Championship on Jan. 7. But will McCoy really be playing for a true national title?

``I think at the end of this year, there are going to be two or three teams that are undefeated, so it's going to be hard not to argue that there should be a playoff system,'' McCoy said. ``It's not my call, but I'd be all for it. I honestly would. That's pretty neat,and that's how every other sport is determined.''

Five teams finished the season undefeated, but only two can play for a national championship. That's not fair, and at its core, the BCS system seems illegal. At best, the BCS appears to violate antitrust laws. At worst, it's just a white-collar racket.

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