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Folk Finally Kicked to the Curb
Cowboys star
 The Cowboys kicked Folk to the curb and hired a former Dallas kicker today.  In a fitting sign of the times, the winner was the kicker who lost his job with another team two weeks ago after missing a 23-yard field-goal attempt.  Still, Shaun Suisham is viewed as an improvement over Nick Folk, who missed seven of his last 11 attempts to help imperil the Cowboys’ playoff hopes. 

Place kicker Shaun Suisham will play in the Redskins final home game this season at FedEx Field on Sunday night.  Suisham's arrival adds a twist to the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry.  Hopefully, the game won't come down to the kicker. But if it does, I rather have SS than the headcase Folk, who a decent head coach would have fired 6 games ago.


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