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Mike Leach Speaks Out

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach told ESPN that wide receiver Adam James was “lazy and entitled”. He blamed James’ father, ESPN analyst Craig James for interfering with the coaches jobs and insinuated that Craig James was close to the chancellor at the school which helped lead to Leach being fired.

Mike Leach has been known to be a quirky and odd football coach, but he his beloved by the Red Raider nation. When contract talks earlier last year seemed to be pushing Leach towards leaving Texas Tech, the fans demanded the university find a way to keep him as the coach. He signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract last year to continue on as the Red Raider coach.

Adam James is a sophomore receiver for the Red Raiders football team. Some of his teammates have made him out to be just what Mike Leach called him, “lazy.” James other teammates don’t see it that way and appear to be glad that Mike Leach was fired. It’s hard to know for sure what the atmosphere was like at the Red Raider practices and behind closed doors while Leach was the coach.

Mike Leach still denies that Adam James was stuck in an electrical closet in the dark with someone guarding the door. A video James claims to have taken in that electrical closet can be seen here. A Texas Tech athletic trainer has come forward to dispute James’ claim that he was stuck in a closet while suffering from a mild concussion. Steve Pincock told ESPN, "I walked Adam to the room, which was at least as big as a two-car garage," Pincock wrote. "Inside the room there is an electrical closet. I looked in the closet and stated that there was 'no way that Adam would be placed in there.' I shut the door to the electrical closet, and it was never opened again. At no time during this practice was Adam ever placed in the electrical closet."

The James family lives just north of Dallas in Celina, Texas. Due of online threats to the family and their son, the Celina police are offering extra patrol near the James’ family home.
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