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Team Leach

A Facebook group "Team Leach,"  has been created  to encourage Leach supporters to let the Texas Tech administration know of their displeasure, has more than 33,000 members. Though I am not a fan, I have joined the sight. 

I have made numerous comments concerning the firing of Mike Leach on Twitter.  There are no winners in this situation but I believe that Texas Tech and the James family are the villains in this saga.  Texas Tech won 5 bowl games in their history prior to hiring Leach who took the team to 10 bowl games in 10 years, winning five.

Texas Tech suffered buyers remorse immediately after they signed Leach to a $12.5 million dollar deal in February. They have been lookin for a way to get rid of Leach and not pay his contract.  A lazy, spoiled brat, Adam James, and his arrogant asshole of a dad, Craig James, supported by the self proclaimed Worldwide Leader (espn) became the perfect foils for TT to give Leach the axe.

I can assure you that the Texas Tech football program will suffer and Mike Leach is going to get paid as a result of this management fiasco.
I have zero sympathy for Adam or Craig James.  They are reaping what they sowed.  I am happy for TCU because the demise of the Tech football program will help TCU in their recruiting good offensive players.  Texas Tech alumni will rue the day, that Gerald Meyers and Craig James brought down Tech football, just like James helped destroy football at SMU. 
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