Bonzer Wolf™ (bonzerwolf) wrote,
Bonzer Wolf™

The Devil is named Lame Kiffin

I almost feel for Tennessee fans. You hired a smart ass west coast snake oil salesman, and he phucked you in the ass like a stranger from the Big Lebowski.  

Lame Kiffin has gone to Southern California with his daddy, his trophy wife, his son Knox and his NCAA recruiting violator in chief. VOL fans are sitting at home weeping tears for their beloved SEC football team.

Dry those eyes. Today is your lucky day.  You’ll find yourselves a real coach (Mike Leach?) and move forward without the NCAA Director of Enforcement breathing down your necks. The Trojans, meanwhile,  just upgraded the NCAA scrutiny left in Pete Carroll’s wake for even more NCAA cops on campus.

Here's the best part , Tennessee nobody even knows if Lame Kiffin can coach. (Career record: 12-21.)

Tennessee has a great tradition in the greatest college football conference on planet earth.  You must know the proud Tennessee program  was never a place for a smart ass piece of shit coach with less integrity than Bernie Madoff. 

Celebrate Vols.  Karma is on your side.  USC fans are the ones who should be crying tonight.  The devil himself is  the new football coach at the University of Spoiled Children. Karma baby, karma.

Lame Kiffin, USC's third choice for Head Coach of the Spoiled Children


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