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Bad Beats

I am spending a fews days in the Chickasaw Nation, playing poker at Winstar. Winstar has a 47 table poker room and is located at exit #1 on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma. It's 1-2 hours north of the DFW metroplex, depending on where you live. Door to door takes me 90 minutes.

I am spending a couple of nights in Gainesville, Texas, which is 7 miles south. When I stay up here I get more rest and more playing time, avoiding the 3 hour RT drive each day.  We Logged 11 hours at the table yesterday.  WInstar has a bad beat jackpot. If Aces full of Kings or better is beat, the loser of the hand gets 50% of the JP.  The winner of the hand receives 30% and the remaining players at the table split 20%.  The JP starts at $10,000 and is progressive.  

At the table next to me, pocket KK was beat by pocket A/10, with a board AAAK8.  Both cards pocket cards must play to win. The 10 kicked, so AAAA10 beat AAAKK. The loser of the hand made almost $11,000 & the winner $7,000.  The remaining players at the table each received $600.  Not a bad's night work at the poker table!

An hour earlier I had my pocket kings beat by pocket aces but the hand did not qualify for the "bad beat".  I have received a table share once where pocket Kings were beat by pocket aces on a board of AA7KK. 

Poker is a game of mistakes. Make the least amount of mistakes and you win long term.  But bad beats are a big part of poker. Over 99% of the time, these beats don't qualify for the BBJP. Poker players can't be long term winners if they let bad beats affect their game. Nobody is going to bail them out for these bad beats.  Each player is responsible for determining their own fate in the game of poker.

Poker reflects life more than any other game that I am aware of.  Each of us has the opportunity to take advantage of our education and determine our own fate in life.  If we sit around waiting for the someone to bail us out of our "bad beats", we are not going to be successful.

Our current President panders to those who want the government to determine their fate and bail them out of bad beats.  At Winstar, the bad beat jackpot is funded by the players.  The bad beat money, comes from the players and is returned to the players. Winstar is not putting up their own money.  WInstar would end up bankrupt if they did that.

Obama is funding his bailouts with money that  current and future taxpayers put in the pot.  Obamanomics takes from those who contribute and gives to those who don't.  It's time for life to start imitating poker before the game breaks and we all end up losers.
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