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Obama Doesn't Get It

Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts Tuesday tells us a lot about the power of independents and what it takes to win their vote.

Despite the media’s focus on the “fringe” elements on the far right and the far left of the ideological spectrum, the vast majority of Americans reside somewhere in the political center.

Most people want the same things from Washington: a federal government that is efficient, competent, transparent, and frugal.  The Democrat leaders in Washington have failed spectacularly on all these fronts.

Independents tend to have a lower tolerance than partisans for government shenanigans. They’ve watched the bribery and back-room dealing on health-care legislation in abject horror.

In the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, President Obama’s approval rating among independents is 41 percent, down from 52 percent on Election Day in 2008. And while independents are not the squeaky wheels in our political system, their votes have serious consequences.

In November, independents in New Jersey sided with Republican Chris Christie 58 percent to 31 percent, helping pave the way for his stunning upset in the governor’s race in this deep blue state.

In Virginia, a state Obama turned blue in 2008, Republican Bob McDonnell carried independents by a margin of 65-34 percent en route to victory in that state’s governor’s race.

And Tuesday night, independents in Massachusetts decided that the most qualified candidate to succeed Ted Kennedy was Scott Brown, the “independent-minded Republican” in the race.

The Obama Nation still doesn't get it. Nancy Pelosi, DNC Howard Dean and others have announced that it's business as usual and they still plan to ram their progressive liberal fascist agenda down our throats. 

Democrats are the most dysfunctional, corrupt political party in the history of the United States.  The people were taken by Obama BS in November 2008.  It took less than a year for them to realize their horrible mistake. 

The intellectual elitist Democrat machine can't help themselves. November will be here before we know it.  The voters are going to make history at the expense of the Democrat Party, which is going to continue pushing their socialist, statist agenda which the vast majority of the citizens strongly oppose.

Obama will continue to blame Bush and the Banks for the rest of his term.  Virgina, New Jersey and Massachusetts have spoken. The rest of the country will speak in November.  Obama will be the lamest of all lame ducks in less than a year.
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