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Obama Will Never Get It

The country has big problems—it always has big problems. It never doesn't have big problems. Obamarx thinks that he has to throw all the solutions to everything on the table at once. This is a formula for irrelevance, a strategy that has turned Obama into a punch line.

Over the past year, Obamarx hemmed himself in by leaving it to Democratic congressional leaders to draft his health-care reform and other items of his agenda and by not pressing those leaders to negotiate with Republicans.

Until he changes those practices, the country will see more party-line votes in Congress with increasing defections among vulnerable Democratic members.

The next battle brewing in Washington is over the president's proposed budget, released earlier this week. Under Obama's blueprint, federal spending would rise to $3.8 trillion in the next fiscal year, up from $3.6 trillion this year. The budget is filled with gimmicks.

For example, the president is calling for a domestic, nonsecurity, discretionary spending freeze. But that freeze doesn't apply to a $282 billion proposed second stimulus package. It also doesn't apply to the $519 billion that has yet to be spent from the first stimulus bill. The federal civilian work force is also not frozen. It is projected to rise to 1.43 million employees in 2010, up from 1.2 million in 2008.

Democrats are in the midst of the painful realization that Obama's words cannot save them from the power of his bad ideas.

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