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Bonzer Poker: Rake Reality

On Thursday February 11, at 5:00 p.m. in beautiful Thackerville, Oklahoma, The Winstar World Casino begins a 24 hour special "splash pot" promotion at their 46 table Poker Room.  This is an annual, one day Winstar promotion.

Every 30 minutes, a random table will have $500 "splashed" into the pot for one hand. The winning hand will rake all bets (minus the rake) PLUS $500!   $1,000 an hour will be given back to the players for a $24,000 total give a way. 

Now for the bad news!  Every cent of that splash pot comes from the rake, which Winstar takes from every single hand of poker dealt in their room.

A tiny portion of the house rake is returned to the players most weeks via $100 splash pots for 8 hours on Monday & Wednesday and a $100 aces cracked promotion for 8 hours on Tuesday & Thursday.  A daily bad beat jackpot that starts at $10,000 & is hit on the average every two weeks. The jackpot is divided among the players at the table,  50% to losing hand, 30% to winning hand and 20% table split. To qualify as a bad beat, a minimum of Aces full of Kings must be beat with both hole cards played for the winning and losing hand. There must be a minimum of $30 in the pot also.

Just in case you aren't aware, (their are millions who don't know) ; Casino's NEVER give anything a single penny. Casinos constantly tell you how much they "give away. But the truth is that casinos make huge profits and return only a tiny portion of their profits to players via promotions, which actually generate more revenue.

A $4/$8 limit Texas Holdem pot is raked at 10% up to a max $5 at Winstar. Another $1 goes to the state of Oklahoma from the small blind PRIOR to the cards being dealt. A chop returns only 50% of the small blind at  Winstar.  The Dealer is given at least $1 toke for every pot pushed. That means a minimum of $7 is from each pushed pot.  Most 4/8 pots are well below a $100 and are usually less than $50. (Most Las Vegas casinos rake a max $4 and some don't take the 4th dollar until their is $80 in the pot)

Winstar dealers are required to deal at least 30 hands per hour. Therefore, a  MINIMUM of $210 is being taken from the players at each poker table every  hour!  This also means that over $5,000 dollars a day is taken from the players sitting at a single table in one day.

All 46 Winstar tables will be in play for 24 hours starting at 5 p.m. on Thursday.
Poker Players will contribute $231,840 to the Chickasaw Nation and their employees on Thursday. Winstar will return $24,000 during their one day "give away"!!

NEXT Bonzer Poker:  Players pay dealers over $30 an hour. Casinos pay them the minimum wage. And the dealers want a LOT more money from  from you!
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