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Winter missing in Vancouver as Games approach

As Olympians arrive by the day, the Winter Games seem to be missing something, winter! There's more snow in D.C., as in District of Columbia, than B.C., British Columbia.

Trouble is, with opening ceremonies only five days away, the above-freezing temperatures in Vancouver - it got above 50 on Saturday - continue to raise concerns for other sports, particularly snowboarding and freestyle skiing two events being held on the mountain overlooking the city.

The biggest test comes Monday, when freestyle moguls training sessions are scheduled to begin. Those sessions will provide the first onsite test after organizers spent much of the past few weeks hauling in snow by helicopter and by truck.

Although organizers have stressed the courses on Cypress are almost complete, they did announce Sunday that they've pushed back training sessions on the parallel giant slalom snowboarding course by two days. The event begins Feb. 26.

Training on the halfpipe was cut earlier from five to three days.

"The forecast is looking positive this week, and we'll hopeful see some colder temperatures," Tim Gayda, vice president for sport for the Vancouver organizing committee said Saturday.

The outlook, however, still appears as gray as the clouds that hung over the city and clung to the North Shore Mountains for most of Sunday.

An intermittent drizzle fell on Vancouver, and temperatures hovered around 40. It was colder on Cypress, with temperatures in the 30s, with a light rain.

The long-range forecast has temperatures dropping to as low as 19 on Wednesday, with a light snowfall projected for Saturday. But there is a chance of daytime showers for much of this week, too.

Don't worry, Curling is played indoors and won't be affected by the warmer than usual weather!


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