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Bad Beat Jackpot

I was sitting at table #6 last night during the "cracked aces" promotion, when the player on my immediate right was dealt K,10 off suit. Another player was dealt pocket pair 99. 

Flop: KKK

Turn: 9

River: 9

Those hands result in 9999K being beat by KKKK10, resulting in a bad beat jackpot pay off. The losing player collected $6,800. The winning hand over $3,000. The rest of us at the table receive a "players share" of $351 each.

For those two players, there were only five cards in the deck, that would result in the bad beat jackpot. That is perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect.  I have never been at a table when that happened, and odds are, I will never be there again.

By the way, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6,K7,K8 would not have resulted in the bad beat as both hole cards must play. A hand is made with the best 5 cards from both the board (community cards ) and your starting two cards.  KJ,KQ,AK would have also worked along with for the BB payout.

On the other hand, I was dealt three quality starting hands by the same dealer. All 3 hands had 12 or more "outs" for me to rake the pot. I lost all the hands.  I have been getting beat up since November, even though I am a much better poker player than I was a year ago.  

Poker is a funny game but it's hard to laugh when you are doing the right thing but constantly being beat. If I am not sucked out on the river, I seldom hit the draw to the nuts or near nuts. When I have hit a huge hand, it seems I don't get much action and win a small pot. When I do have the best of it and get the money in, with plenty of company I seem to lose on the river to starting hands like K2 off suit.

In other words, anything that can go wrong, has been going wrong since November.  I will never forget the day this bad run started.

I was dealt KK. Player #2, 88. Player#3, 33. Betting is capped preflop. I have the nuts.

FLOP: K83. Betting is capped. I have the nuts.

TURN: 2 (blank) betting is capped. I have the nuts.

RIVER: J of spades.  I don't have the nuts anymore as there are 2 other spades on the board.  

Small blind bets out. We all call.  Small blind rakes the HUGE pot.  

You can go a lifetime without seeing set over set over set on the flop. All 3 hands being beat is off the chart against the odds.

Over the next couple of months, I had KK twice that I flopped a set, KKK. I lost both hands, flopping a set of kings 3 times in a row and losing. I had less than a 10% chance of losing each time.

I lost with the third best staring hand, pocket QQ, tens times in a row since November.

But,as they say,  that's poker. 

I made $270 last night, but only because I was paid a tiny portion of the bad beat. I went home a winner but felt like a loser.  I only played 5.5 hours and actually left an hour before the bad beat promotion ended. I was determined to make $250 so I had to get up from the table and leave.

By the way, my AA got cracked at 7:55 p.m. I lost the hand and didn't get the $100. The $100 aces cracked didn't start until 8 p.m., five minutes later. For the record I have had aces cracked 6 times during the past week. ZERO times during the 16 hour aces cracked promotion.

Mr. Wolf is running bad & my poker bankroll is down 10%. The good news is that I have 90% left to weather the storm and get back on the winning track.
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