Bonzer Wolf™ (bonzerwolf) wrote,
Bonzer Wolf™

Back to Even

Had a good session last night and my bankroll is back to January 1 level.  Its been an up & down year with many losing sessions. 

Poker is the easiest game in the world if you "gamble" and spew chips, hoping to get lucky.  If you are trying to grind out a profit, poker is a hard way to earn some easy money. 

My goal is to get better every session, win or lose.  Last night was a big night, which should have been much bigger. Made a huge donkey fold (instead of raising), which cost me a very large pot.  

The bottom line in poker, is that he who makes the least mistakes will win the most money in the long term.  Short term, anything can and will happen.  The house rake, dealer tokes and travel expenses, results in a tiny margin for error.

Playing poker is the "best" job I have ever had, earning the least amount of money!  But playing is only the second  best part of being retired. The best part by far is never having to take orders from clueless bureaucrats.  After being retired for 18 months, it's a mystery to me, how I endured 30 years of it.   It's a lot more fun to take money morons than to work for them!

Don't forget though, you can't bluff an idiot. (You can only bluff a "thinking" player)

Life is very good for the Wolf.  Relaxing this weekend, while enjoying college hoops and the Vancouver Olympics.  Looking forward to being at the Las Vegas Hilton, home of the world's largest sportsbook for week #1 of March Madness & my first St. Patrick's Day in Vegas.
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