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More fun than a root canal

Wish that I  was getting paid by the Weight Watchers Momentum™ Plan for the free pub, instead of paying them (current cost is $65 for first 3 months, $17.95 a month after that).  But it has been money well spent.

After being on the online plan for 7 weeks (49 days) I have lost lost 31 pounds.  I am only 9 lbs away from my goal weight.

Weight Watchers "bot" keeps telling me that I am losing too fast (4.4 lbs week avg) and it appears that 2 lbs a week is more typical and a healthier way to lose.

Oh well. I have followed the plan and these are the results. I was surprised to lose 5 lbs last week because I earned zero activity points over the last two. Yesterday was my highest point consumption day since January 3. I used 44 points, which including Papa Murphy's Hawaiian Delite Pizzza (3.5 pts a slice). Friday, I had a 10 pt hamburger. Used 31 weekly points, which is by far the most I have since starting the program.

It may catch up with me next Sunday. But I will be happy if I only lose a pound per week now. My personal goal was to get below 200. I am at 196 but the WW chart shows 187 as my maximum ideal weight.

My daily points total has fallen to 30. Starting this week I plan to use the every one of the additional 35 weekly points.  I will also be getting back in the gym after a two week layoff and will have those points available to use.

I can honestly say that I have not been hungry while on the program but I have been very selective about the food, maximizing my "fullness" and eating "free" veggies and 1 point fruits.  In effect, I have been forced to eat healthy snacks and fiber is my best friend.  Have also been a points fanatic tracking everything that I eat or drink. 

It's been more fun than a root canal for sure.  I will prove that beyond a doubt at  9 a.m. tomorrow morning when I experience my first one!
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