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Grass Master
winston wolf2
I must confess that I have not cut my own grass for over 15 years!  In my old neighborhood in Arlington, where I lived for over 18 years , I was one of the few who paid to have his lawn maintained.  I was a single dad who was very involved with his daughter and I didn't like wasting my time on the weekend maintaining my lawn.

We moved to this house 9 years ago and I kept the same lawn guy, who went to high school with my daughter. I will be one of the few home owners who cuts his own grass in this neighborhood. There are two golf courses and most residents play golf every chance they get.  I don't play golf and the only exercise I get playing poker is walking from the parking lot.

I already take care of the pool, the shrubs and the flora and fauna around the Wolf Compound.   My next door neighbor cuts his grass and it looks better than mine.  He told me he spends less than an hour a week even in the peak months maintaining his lawn. He has also offered to  "tutor  Mr. Wolf on the the fine art of fertilization! 

Now that I have lost 30+ pounds, I feel great and it's time for me to start cutting my lawn.  I also figured that I can save a minimum of $15,000 (plus interest) over the next ten years by doing it myself. 

I am actually looking forward to improving my lawn and getting additional exercise.  Spring has sprung in north Texas and the weeds have already surfaced!
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Mowing in July and August in Texas is the Devil's work!

Then again it depends on how much lawn you have.

It's so small, I am embarrassed to admit I have been paying someone to cut it! My old house had a bigger yard.

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