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Spring Cleaning
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I made two New Year's resolutions this year. One was to lose weight and the other was to get organized, including organizing every room in the house.  I started with my office this week.  I have spent the last 3 days shredding papers that go back to the year 2000.  

Who keeps every bill or bank statement that long???  Oh well, I have learned my lesson.  I have never worked so hard and seen such little progress in three days. Each drawer or storage area that I open reminds me of the Volkswagen full of clowns.  Stuff just keeps coming out. 

I will be taking a break tomorrow night to attend the 50th birthday party of a friend.  Fifty was very nifty for me.  Reaching 50 meant that I was eligible to retire!  I held on four more years. The last three were by far the worst of my career while John Chakwin did everything he could to push me out the door and keep me from doing my job. Oh well, I survived and because of Chakwin, my retirement so much sweeter!

My friend has a "real" job so he's not as thrilled about reaching the half century mark.  I actually feel better at 55 than I have in years.  Being ICE free is a big part of it. Losing weight and realizing how lucky I have been my entire life helps too. 

I am enjoying the present like I never have before.  Each day is a gift and an adventure.  Enjoy life, we only get one and before you know it, you are over a half century old.
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I have records on every bill and other papers that go back 10 years.

Once I needed papers that where 4 years old and it saved me a couple of grand!

My records are electronic now. Quicken, online banking , including statements which which I back up daily. I still have a file cabinet full of paper but only what I need including tax returns, contracts, insurance papers etc

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