Bonzer Wolf™ (bonzerwolf) wrote,
Bonzer Wolf™

The Arrogance of Obama Drama

As Obama tells us daily, he inherited the the crisis of the Great Recession and the War on Terrorism being fought on two fronts in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

How does the The Liar in Chief respond?  Obamamax CREATES another crisis and ignores the three he inherited, except to constantly blame it on Bush.

Instead of seeing himself as the luckiest person in history, BO sees himself as a genius. The cult he has surrounded himself with and the Marxists on MSNBC keep saying it, so he believes it.

If Obama had to create a health care crisis, he would have been better served by choosing heath care reform over health care expansion. Cost savings over record deficits is what America wants today.

Obama was elected ONLY because of the perfect storm, the 100 year flood, stars lining up perfectly once in a century.   The Obama Heath Care Drama has been the biggest waste of time in the history of a U.S. President's first year in office.

Obama will not listen to anyone who is not a member of the far, far, left cult (see Maddow, Schultze & Olbermann for details).  Oh well. A one and done genius, his arrogance has kept him from keeping his finger on the pulse of the people. Obama will not prosper as President and history will judge his failed term harshly.

Put a fork in Reid and Pelosi too.  We are a middle right country that will no longer stand idly by while far left wing nuts hijack our country (see Virgina, New Jersey & Massachsettes 2010 senate election results for details).

In short, Obama is a disaster, a victim of his arrogance and radical progressive agenda.  Obama the best candidate is the worst President.  I thought Jimmy Carter would prevent the record for worst President in my lifetime from  EVER being broken but I was wrong. 
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