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Pacquiao vs. Clottey from Cowboys Stadium

Hailing from Philipinnes, Manny Pacquiao really needs no introduction. He has fought some of the best fighters in the boxing world and his lightning quick hands and anvil-like southpaw knocks them down again and again. Manny Pacquiao's speedy entry and exits with earth-shattering punches let him pummel his opponent and slide back out before anyone knows what happened.

The bottom line in the Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey match is whether Clottey’s constant over-bearing and highly effective counter-punches can beat Manny Pacquiao’s lightning quick footwork and speedy assault.

Clottey  has an impressive resume with 35-3 (20 KOs). He is a physically sound and tough as nails boxer with great defensive skills. Fast and precise, his left hook is menacing. But Clottey sometimes quits. Clottey has history of being lazy and not fighting after the 7th round. He always finds a way to lose his biggest fights.

His luck is not too good when it comes to judges. His last match against Miguel Cotto was a lost after a split-decision. Same with his match against Antonio Margarito a couple years back. Whether its his technique, or ill-regard for the rules (recall the 1999 fight with Carlos Baldomir that led to his disqualification for excessive headbutting), Clottey falls short in this regard.

But his other matches were all wins, where he practically owned the ring.

Mr. Wolf will tweet between rounds live from Arlington, Tx.


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  • Lightweight: Jose Luis Castillo (144 lbs) vs Alfonso Gomez (145 lbs)
  • Middleweight : Michael Medina (155.5 lbs) vs John Duddy (160 lbs)




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