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ICE-land is all but officially bankrupt

ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) is bankrupt of competent management.  Hardly, a day goes by that I don't hear about the self serving antics of John Chakwin Jr., ICE SAC/Dallas. Many agents have contacted this reporter about the ICE Christmas Party in Dallas. Chakwin told his supervisors that they were being held responsible for making sure that EVERY agent in Dallas attended the voluntary party. Chakwin requested the name of  every agent that was not in attendance, according to one high level source.  Dallas agents are also complaining that Chakwin recently received a 80% negative job approval rating in an official survey of the agents  under him, yet he was promoted from GS/15 to SES SAC.  Chakwin has reportedly selected a 33 year old group supervisor with little experience and no college degree to be the ASAC San Angelo. Apparently there were many better qualified and experienced applicants and the promotion is being held up by HQ.  Agents are cautiously optimistic that the new Administration is going to clean house as rumors continue that ICE is the weakest link in the very weak Department of Homeland Stupidity.  Reports are that the Obama transition team is aware of the problems at ICE and that the new Secretary will make reorganization of the sprawling out of control DHS her first priority.


Miguel Contreras frequently writes about ICE management misconduct  for the Narcosphere & the Narco News online newspaper. Dr. Contreras expects changes at ICE after President Elect Obama  takes office next month.  Read his latest report (12/14/08)

Dr. Miguel A. Contreras, is a retired 30-year law enforcement officer who spent 26 years as a criminal investigator with the U.S. government, and 4 years as a local police officer with the Lansing Police Department, Lansing, Michigan.  Dr. Contreras holds the following degrees: PhD, ThD, MTh, B.A., A.B, and an A.A.S.  He is also a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).  

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