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Racsim Card Continues to be Played by the Far Left
obama pied piper
Neil Cavuto recently interviewed tea party supporter Lisa Fritsch about the allegations of racism at tea party protests. Fritsch, an African American, announced that it didn’t matter whether or not Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, also an African American, had been spit on during the tea party protest the day the House of Representatives passed ObamaCare. What Americans really need to worry about, according to Fritsch, is the threat of socialism!

Fritsch dismissed a video showing a protester spitting on Cleaver by saying, “The bottom line is, whether or not (Cleaver) was spit on or not really doesn’t matter. Truly, Americans no longer need to fear racists and racism in this country. That’s secondary. The real threat to the good life in America right now is socialism and everything that’s in this health care bill that is sending us down a path of destruction.”

  Lisa Fritsch is a no-nonsense, common sense columnist and talk radio host based in Austin, Texas. She delivers smart and lively content in print and internet publications as well as on the radio as a guest host. By offering insightful Conservative commentary on today's social and political issues, Fritsch pits pragmatism against nerve. Anything but a one-dimensional “cookie-cutter” Conservative, she is a proud suburban wife, mother, and writer who isn’t afraid to share her strong opinions.

Raised in East Texas, she grew up believing in the value of self-reliance and strong character. At the University of Texas at Austin, she earned her baccalaureate in Japanese language and literature. She has lived in Japan and Northern California, speaks Japanese and Spanish, and attributes her well-rounded, colorful personality to her wealth of social and professional experiences.

"[The] left became so ideologically attached to anti-Americanism and pro-communism and Third Worldism that I believe we have a problem on our hands" - Eldridge Cleaver (former Black Panther)



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