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ObamaNation Politics of STFU While We Destroy You

Those who raise voices in opposition to the radical left policies and actions of the ObamaNation are routinely subjected to vitriol and false accusations. Free Speech is only for the "enlightened" socialists currently in power. 

Free speech is a cherished U.S. Constitutional right that many citizens of the world, including Europe are not afforded. If U.S. citizens allow themselves to be intimidated and silenced by the Party in power, we will lose this for sure.

  • Be assured that those who oppose our nation’s Founding principles are both relentlessly focused and ruthless. Going forward we ourselves must therefore be “as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”
  • Moreover, let us not be quick to support any candidate simply because we want “change. We already know where that blind impulse has taken our country. Don’t simply make decisions based on a “D,” an “R” or any other letter designating political affiliation. Instead, let us seek out, scrutinize and support candidates whose positions and records are in line with our own individual core values.
  • Let us continue to peacefully (but loudly) exercise our right to free speech — whether in Tea Party rallies, marches or local gatherings with like-minded citizens; with Letters to the Editor or with emails, letters and phone calls to our representatives.
Most of the mainstream media and press are PR agents for Obama and the DemocRAt Party. Every day , the Progressives show us via MSNBC & CNN that they are exactly what they accuse conservatives and tea partiers of being.

Here is a list of Liberal Fascist behavior provided by James Simpson at the American Thinker :
  • Air America exhorts listeners to assassinate Bush.
  • Five campaign workers for Kerry arrested for slashing tires on 25 cars rented by GOP campaign workers. One of the five was the Milwaukee Mayor's son, the other the son of a Democrat U.S. congresswoman.
  • Republican combat wounded Vietnam vet's house spray-painted with the words BUSHNAZIS, American flags shredded, truck keyed.
  • Leftist lawyer caught keying Marine Iraq War vet's BMW just prior to his second deployment. (This one is priceless. You should read the outcome.)
  • Senator Mary Landrieu threatens to punch President Bush (a felony). Where was the press on that one?
  • Astroturfers threaten Andrew Breitbart and throw eggs at patriot rally buses.
  • Alan Grayson says that we need to "get rid of Republicans entirely."
  • Many cases of conservative newspaper production runs stolen or vandalized.
  • On "Conan O'Brien Show," unglued Alec Baldwin screams that Rep. Henry Hyde and family, including children, should be stoned to death.
Mere days ago, a Leftist Astroturf group of union activists threw eggs at a tea party bus entering Searchlight, Nevada -- hometown of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. They also cornered Andrew Breitbart, physically threatened him, and then called police, accusing Breitbart of throwing the eggs. He related the event to two San Francisco Chronicle reporters who hitched a ride with him. Here's the video.

Recall the SEIU thug who beat up a black reporter at a town hall rally in Missouri last summer. Recall that he was called "nigger," and that the thug was arrested. Somehow the AP missed all that.

Recall the Arizona town hall meeting where MS-NBC reported that some white racist was carrying an "assault weapon," except that that white racist happened to be black. Somehow they missed that, too.
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