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I am happy to report that I lost 40 pounds in 15 weeks and reached my Weight-Watchers goal.  I have always been able to lose weight but keeping it off has been a more difficult challenge.

This is the first time that  I enrolled in Weight-Watchers.  I am hoping that I learned to maintain my weight loss with the program.

I was surprised how much I was able to eat each day and still lose weight at the beginning of the program.  I had to be selective but I learned that some foods were acceptable and some had to be avoided completely.  Others could be enjoyed in moderation.  We are surrounded by high fat & calorie foods, especially at restaurants and not just the fast food ones. 

I learned to read the "label" and be aware of what was going in my mouth.  Portion control is very important. Exercise is also a key to losing and maintaining healthy weight.

Americans in general are overweight.  We are surrounded by so many cheap, quick, but very bad choices.  Eating healthy is more expensive and inconvenient than eating junk.   As with most other problems, government legislation is not the answer to America's weight problem. Personal responsibility is the only solution.

I am happy to reach my weight loss goal, but I also know the most difficult challenge starts today.
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