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The ObamaNation Continues to Lie about Law for Persons ILLEGALLY Present in Arizona

The Liberal Fascist leaders of the ObamaNation are intentionally misrepresenting the new Arizona state law concerning people illegally present in their state in violation of United States law.  We are not asked to produce our birth certificate or passport on a daily basis. We are instead confronted routinely by people of all stripes asking to see our driver's license.

When we board an airplane, we are asked to produce a government-issued photo ID, usually a driver's license. When we make some credit- or debit-card purchases in department stores, we are asked to produce a driver's license. When we enter many office buildings, both private and government, security guards often ask us to produce a driver's license. When we go to doctors' offices and hospitals, we are asked to produce a driver's license. When we check into hotels, we are asked to produce a driver's license. When we purchase some over-the-counter drugs, we are asked to produce a driver's license. If we go to a bar or nightclub, anyone who looks at all young is asked to produce a driver's license. And needless to say, if we have any encounter with police or other authorities, we are asked to produce a driver's license.

Some situations involve an even higher level of scrutiny. When we get a new job, we are asked to provide not a driver's license but a passport or birth certificate to prove citizenship. In other situations, too, like when you renew your drivers license under federal Real ID law, you have to produce a passport to prove citizenship, even if you already have a valid, unexpired license.  And in many states, buying a gun -- a constitutionally-protected right -- involves enormous scrutiny.

Have left wing radicals never experienced any of those situations? And by the way, have any of them  read the Arizona law? Do they know that it specifically states that in any encounter with police, when a person produces a valid Arizona driver's license (or, for non-drivers, other forms of ID listed in the law), that person is immediately presumed to be in the United States legally?

Given all the situations listed above, can anyone argue that being asked to produce a driver's license, if one is in some sort of encounter with police in which police are acting lawfully (that is also specified by the new law) is overly burdensome? Being asked to produce identification is a burden that falls on everyone.

That is simply a fact of life today. Many of the situations in which we are asked to produce ID are the result of laws passed by our representatives, Democrats and Republicans, that are, overall, good things. But they require Americans to produce their papers, in the form of a driver's license, quite frequently. If Americans responded with "Go to hell" and "See you in court" each time they were asked to produce their license, both hell and court would be very crowded.

All the discussion above relates to people who are American citizens. In addition to the situations requiring a driver's license, some people might not know that since the 1940s, federal law has required non-citizens who are in the United States permanently to carry on their person, at all times, the official documents proving that they are here legally -- green card, work visa, etc. That has been the law for 70 years, and the new Arizona law does not change it.

The federal government, specifically ICE is not doing its job. ICE under direct orders from the Obama Administration is refusing to arrest persons illegally present in the United States.  Arizona, a sovereign state is doing what every other state needs to do.  When the federal government refuses to do their constitutional duty, the states must act to protect their own interests.

God Bless Arizona and the millions of patriots who love this country.  We must continue to use every legal means at our disposal to stop the spread of liberal fascism, which could bring down our constitutional Republic.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:
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