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Liberal Media Madness-Blame the White Man

The Washington Times is the lone  voice of reason inside the Beltway. Here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the liberal fascist blogosphere. Fascism has always been a phenomenon of the left.  Many fascists, including Mussolini started as socialists  who stood for representative government and mild reform-ism.

Liberals believe that authoritarian government is fine as long as representatives of 'the people" are in charge. When out of power, liberals lionized free speech and celebrated dissent as the highest form of patriotism. Now, they label dissent as "un-American". Obama says he doesn't want to hear a lot of talking from anyone who disagrees with him. The liberal impulse for controlling the lives of others has been re-exposed via the ObamaNation of America.

There was no joy in liberal land when the prime suspect in the Times Square bomb plot turned out to be a Pakistani-American. The right-wing terrorist boogeyman vanished. Leftist racial and ethnic profiling failed again.

The widely distributed videotape of a lighter-complected suspect near the attack scene - almost universally reported as a "white man" - raised expectations in some quarters that this could be the work of right-wing extremists, maybe even - oh dare it be hoped? - a Tea Party Republican.

The right-wing bomber story line quickly established itself in the meme stream. New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, prompted by CBS News reader Katie Couric, speculated that the culprit was "homegrown, maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn't like the health care bill or something." MSNBC's Chris Matthews and NBC News "terrorist analyst" Roger W. Cressey dwelt long on the idea of the bomber being someone with a "right-wing" agenda. Geraldo Rivera seemed fixated on the idea that the bomber was a "white man." Similar unsubstantiated musings and outright accusations were rife in the liberal blogosphere.

But then a suspect was apprehended on a Dubai-bound airplane, and his name was Faisal Shahzad. Talk about an inconvenient truth. It would be nice if this were just another opportunity to mock the haplessness of those liberals who are so captive to their agenda that they subordinate reality to their warped worldview. Delusions like this, however, place the country in danger.

Whether officials will admit it or not, the United States is at war with a loosely organized sect of Islamic extremists who are attempting to disrupt U.S. interests abroad and create mayhem here at home. Muslim extremists should be considered the default culprits in every random act of terrorism unless compelling evidence exists to the contrary. It's possible that terrorists could be motivated by other orientations - witness Andrew Joseph Stack, who flew a small plane into the Internal Revenue Service offices in Austin, Texas, in February - but such incidents are outliers and, as in the Stack case, tend to be isolated.

Read the entire Washington Times editorial here


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